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AI powered quality

Customized quality signals from agent-customer interactions for enhanced service delivery

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Quality monitoring for contact centres and customer support agents

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Simple to setup with endless benefits


  • Ingest variety of sources - pdfs, OCRs, 

  • Customized pipeline for various data types - FAQs, Long form, Manuals

Connect with your CRM

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  • Select one of the pre-built models for service, sales or create your own custom model

  • Little to no-training required

Customize your models

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  • Analyze agent behaviour to improve behavoiur

  • Gather insights to prevent escalations

  • Collect signals to upsell, generate leads, or understand intent

Analyze and act

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Unmatched control and observability

Capture custom signals

Capture what matter to you - hygiene parameters, CSAT parameters or escalation signals, fully customized

Escalation management

Identify conversations that can lead to escalations and proactively manage relationships

Pre-built models

No training or minimal training with our built-in models ready to ensure absolute adherance

Connect with your CRMs

No need to use a new tool. DocuStack consumes the recordings from your tool and populates in your CRMs making to no overhead for your teams

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Ready for enterprise scale and security

Enterprise Grade Security

Robust security measures (such as dedicated clusters, SSO and more) to protect your application data.

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Workspace and role management

Intuitive workspace management that enables teams to manage access to their projects and organize documents seamlessly.

Dedicated Testing Sandbox

Test and validate your applications and workflows in a secure environment before deploying in production.

Integrations and custom sources

Ingest and process different content types from various sources with ready integrations and flexible processing pipelines.

Get Ready to Enhance your Customer Experience with our AI Solutions

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