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DocuServe - DocuStack for Service Teams

Resolve issues with the power of AI

Equip your contact centre and agents with the conversational AI and guided workflows

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Decision Tree for Customer Support
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Features of DocuServe

Smart Decision Trees

Guided workflows powered by AI to help your agents onboard faster and take the right decisions faster

Quality Analysis

Monitor agent behaviour from conversations with customers and take action with the power of AI

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Conversational AI

No-code builder to help your teams build customer facing bots using the power of natural language

Integrations & Analytics

Use data from your CRM, or your customer tools. Integrate knowledge from your manuals, pdfs, or conversations.

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Simple to setup with endless benefits


  • Integrate both structured and unstructured data, such as complex manuals, troubleshooting guide

  • Effortlessly connect your CRM and contact centre tools

Connect your data

manuals crm


  • No-code platform to build decision trees

  • Use AI to draft and generate answers within workflows 

  • Connect and synchronise backend data

Build your workflows

building decision tree


  • Conversational AI chatbot powered by LLM and Rule baed flows

  • Set-up in minutes using your unstructured data

Customers are self-served

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  • Enable agents to be experts from day 0

  • Bite-sized step by step prompts for your agents

  • Auto-trigger actions, send email, see all details from a single panel

Agents resolve queries faster

agent workflow

4 reasons why you should be choosing  DocuServe

Reduce your customer service costs upto 30%

Automate your repeat queries with AI self serve and make your agents faster
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Auto-draft the best and accurate answers right within your CRM

Reduce your average handling times by 50%

Find answers to complex queries from your manuals in seconds and guide your agents with AI powered decision trees to auto-complete responses and resolve issues faster

Increase your CSAT by providing timely and accurate answers

Provide accurate and comprehensive answers to customers using agent assist feature and insights to identify core areas that need improvement from automated analysis of support requests
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Answer your users from Knolwedge base, decision trees or dynamic data instantaneously and automatically

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Proactively prevent escalations

Monitor agent-customer interactions with customizable parameters and create custom check points to prevent escalations and trigger workflows

How has a manufacturing powerhouse achieved a remarkable 60% reduction in average response times?

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Ready for enterprise scale and security

Enterprise Grade Security

Robust security measures (such as dedicated clusters, SSO and more) to protect your application data.

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Workspace and role management

Intuitive workspace management that enables teams to manage access to their projects and organize documents seamlessly.

Dedicated Testing Sandbox

Test and validate your applications and workflows in a secure environment before deploying in production.

Integrations and custom sources

Ingest and process different content types from various sources with ready integrations and flexible processing pipelines.

Get Ready to Enhance your Customer Experience with our AI Solutions

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