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AI Agent Assist

Help your agents with decision trees to answer faster and better

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No-code setup with flexible content types


  • Use No-code platform to create workflows

  • Integrate with your documents and backend systems

Create your decision trees

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  • Use AI with your structured and unstructured data

  • Connect with your backend systems to get real time data and automate actions

Connect your data and systems

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  • Easy interface for agents to follow steps

  • No shuffling between multiple systems

Agents follow the workflows

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Create decision tress that guide your teams to answer questions right every time

Semantic search

Uncover relevant information effortlessly by going beyond keyword-based searches

Analytics and monitoring

Gain valuable insights into user behavior and gather knowledge gaps

Separate workspaces

Organize your documents and collaborate seamlessly with dedicated spaces for each project

Source attribution

Easily identify the sources of your documents to maintain transparency and credibility in your work

Abstract Graphic Shapes

Ready for enterprise scale and security

Enterprise Grade Security

Robust security measures (such as dedicated clusters, SSO and more) to protect your application data.

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Workspace and role management

Intuitive workspace management that enables teams to manage access to their projects and organize documents seamlessly.

Dedicated Testing Sandbox

Test and validate your applications and workflows in a secure environment before deploying in production.

Integrations and custom sources

Ingest and process different content types from various sources with ready integrations and flexible processing pipelines.

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