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Buyer Persona Generator

Generate customer persona/ICP with AI for free

Buyer personas or Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) are starting point of all your business strategies - offerings, messaging or building the product. ICP is nothing but in very simple words - who is it for whom you are building your solutions or offerings?

A thorough understanding of personas is important to customize your product/offerings so that it resonates with the target persona. A deeper understanding of the persona leads you to be more effective in your ability to build and sell the products, because then you can target the needs and wants of your customers. A good understanding comes from multiple points - how narrowly you are able to single out your user (read segmentation), how effectively you understand their user journeys, what are their pain points and how are they solving it today, how do they consume information and what is their reporting org. 

How to use this persona generator?


  1. Use the above above buyer persona generator (or ICP generator) by to generate a persona with AI. Try to write in as much detail as you can to define the persona- say a mom of 2 living in the city of new work and working in an IT company.

  2. Then click on generate the persona to generate the buyer persona.

  3. The AI tool not only tries to understand your demographic persona but also the real motivating factors such as - pain points, what do they read through out the day, their motivations, pain points, who do they report to etc. 

  4. Once you have the detailed outline ready, take a print-out and build it to further refine it as per your requirements. 

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