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Help your team write better and accurate answers

Auto-complete responses with accurate answers that match your company's tone

Join us to revolutionize your customer support to delight your customers with faster, on-time and personal resolution

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Spend your teams' time in the right things

DocuStack Smart Assist enables you to draft accurate and comprehensive answers faster. 

Draft Accurate and Comprehensive Answers

  • Draft the most accurate and comprehensive answers to queries

  • Enable your agents to use your internal knowledge base and past service requests to draft answers

  • Match your company's tone and quality standards.

Auto-complete Responses

  • Auto-complete responses, making your agents 5x faster

  • Ensures fast response times and efficiency.

Use Your Internal Knowledge Base and Past Service Requests

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Workspace and role management

  • Give upload and edit write to employees and control permissions

  • Separate multiple teams by having separate workspaces

Built for enterprises scale

Search for answers across GBs of data within seconds. Find  meaningful content from PDFs, images, internal tools faster. 

Don't let repetitive questions slow down your team.

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