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Case study

Empowering a National Level Incubation Centre to Enhance Productivity with an AI-Powered Knowledge Management System



  • No process to manage distributed knowledge

  • Lack of effective way to find information

  • Blind spots in knowledge gaps and no AI solution


  • Reduction in 25% time in managing the knowledge

  • Quicker information to end users

  • AI powered knowledge management for creators



The aim was to provide partners, incubatees, and employees with a quick and efficient way to find answers to their questions regarding best practices, courses, and sessions. The current system required extensive manual searching through various documents, leading to delays and inefficiencies. The goal was to streamline the process, enabling users to get their work done more effectively and swiftly.



A comprehensive knowledge management system was developed, featuring feedback management and a knowledge task manager. This system included AI-assisted document creation and an advanced search and answer function for documents. These tools allowed curators to efficiently maintain and track knowledge creation, identify gaps in knowledge, and provide accurate answers and references to users seeking similar information.



Efficient Knowledge ManagementThe new system saved knowledge managers 25% of their time on task management, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities.

Gap Insights and Analytics

With powerful analytics, users were able to see all the gaps in the knowledge base and prioritizing pages that have traction leading to 20% higher engagement.

Effective Knowledge Creation

Creators could create and manager their tasks with 50% of the time taken to produce documents earlier


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