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Turn your internal knowledge into an AI bot

Upload your offline files and start powering a chatbot with generative AI from GPT3

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Run your self-answering bot within a minute

DocuChat allows you to turn your internal knowledge into an answering bot, with which you can easily create a searchable database of information, integrate with your existing chatbot or directly search from the platform.

Upload multiple files

Upload as many files, with as many pages 

 Bots for every use-case

Create exclusive bots for every use-case. You can have a separate bot for HR, Product, Support within the same workspace

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No training required

Create an answering bot within seconds after uploading the files. Reinforcement learning makes sure that the accuracy improves everyday by taking feedback from users.

Workspace and role management

Respond to customer chats automatically  from your existing knowledge base, product manual or past support requests without having to set up workflows

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It is super easy to implement

Built for enterprises scale

Search for answers across GBs of data within seconds. Find  meaningful content from PDFs, images, internal tools faster. 


 *(only for DocuChat)



- Free trial available

- Limited offline files upload to a maximum of 50 mb

- Pay per use generative AI responses 

- Unlimited searches



- Offline files upload to a maximum of .5 GB
- 3 user accounts

- Pay per use for generative AI responses 

- Unlimited searches

- Dedicated support



- Everything in premium and,

- Customized models and workflows
- Integrations with your enterprise applications
- Consumption add ons

Don't let repetitive questions slow down your team.

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