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Case study

A partnership with an IC manufacturer to help their customer facing teams move 5x faster with the power of AI.



  • Low first contact resolution

  • High handling times and repeat contacts for issues

  • Quality of responses


  • Reduction in 60% search times for support teams

  • Faster resolutions

  • Less no. of queries reaching the agents


The aim was to assist the field service crews in resolving problems promptly and with fewer errors. The service crews at present relied on internal support teams for any information or instructions on managing problems. The support teams had to search through numerous manuals and past service requests to provide an answer, resulting in lengthy resolution times and multiple follow-ups.



Docustack developed an L1 service desk that service engineers and internal support teams could easily access. The desk utilizes manuals and past support requests to provide customized solutions for specific issues. This feature enables agents to respond to queries quickly by providing relevant content and schemas.



Reduced resolution times

The average handling times to write an accurate and relevant response to a query was brought down significantly.

Enhanced interaction quality

The AI generated responses combined the best of manuals and 20 years of previous service requests, which gets further improved by feedback from usage.

Global unified suppport

With the power to ingest knowledge and generate answers in multiple languages, the team is now capable of leveraging knowledge sources globally and singular teams across geographies for resolutions.


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