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Close deals faster and treat your customers with faster resolutions

DocuStack helps sales teams quickly and easily find important information they need to close deals, such as sales proposals, contracts, and previous conversations with potential clients.

Are you looking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction (CSAT) per dollar spent? can help. Our platform allows you to scale your highest CSAT responses and send them to all customers, as well as replicate the interactions of your best agents across the organization.

Read our blog here about how to improve the metric


Easy and faster searching for all knowledge within your organization

Find important information your team needs to close deals, across all sources of truth such as sales pitches, google drives, customer conversations and many more 

More humane search

Bring in the ability of Natural Language Processing inside your company by letting your team ask questions they way they should. We totally understand that sometimes, you might not know the right keywords to search

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Rocketship your revenue by making your sales and success teams informed and efficient

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